Hy My Name Is Amy Winchester. Throughout this website you will notice a strange seemingly off the wall with no real purpose selection of recipes. Well that is who I am in a nutshell. I am not a writer nor am I a photographer; I am simply a lowly underpaid and overworked computer girl. So do not be alarmed by the bad grammar, horrendous spelling, and even worse photography that this site offers. It is just me being me.

Maybe if I make it big I would hire someone to do that part for me…..ok who I am kidding I would spend the money on truffles, veal, strange cheeses, or something that can be devoured. I have no formal culinary education. A lot of my experience comes through hands on sheer boredom experiences. My culinary disasters can be hidden in the trashcan and no one notices but the pizza delivery guy dropping off a pizza (although I am betting he has an idea when my house reeks and every window is open with fans going in the dead of winter).

Finally, while I have your attention I would like to take a quick moment to make a public service announcement: Please buy animals that have been allowed to run free. There is a huge difference in quality from the shrink-wrapped crap you can buy at your local big mega grocery store that has been pumped through with hormones and the animals led a sad depressing life vs. the local farmer who takes pride in what he raises and the animals had a joyous loved life bathing in the sun. Same stands true with produce, fruit, oils, vinegars, sugars, (do you see a theme?).

We are what we eat so buy and consume food that has been shown the love and respect it deserved. Get to know your butcher or farmer and you will learn something new every trip you make. Plus they will have no problem holding those pig ears for you that the previous person did not want. So please sit back and enjoy. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, death threats, or hostage ransoms please do not hesitate to contact us Here amy winchester Thanks and Regard’s Amy Winchester