BBA Cornbread and English Muffins

There is a good amount of joy and joyness that comes from dating a fellow foodie and more joy if that foodie happens to also be a blogger.

Here are just a couple differences:

  • Previous dates would look at me weird when I bust out a camera to snap pictures of food I have just cooked.  A fellow food blogger will help you dress the food, wipe off the plate, and throw out angle suggestions.
  • A fellow foodie when wandering through the garden will just randomly grab a weed because it is an annoyance.  Previous dates would look at the dirt going yucky.
  • A fellow foodie will think that planting radishes is the perfect date.  Previous dates would call me a cheap ass who is just looking for a day laborer.
  • Wandering a farmer’s market with a foodie is an adventure in find the largest zucchini or a simple game of how awesome do these blueberries taste.  Previous dates would look at me with this impatient come on jackass we have reservations and they are just blueberries so grab a container and let us go.
  • When you suggest a future date of canning tomatoes, making salsa, and everything else to preserve the garden harvest you do not get a blank stare of wtf did you just say….

These are just some of the major advantages however, the major advantage is a fellow food blogger knows how important the Bread Baker’s Apprentice is and will do everything to help get back on track.  Of course when your stove dies on Wednesday when you planned on doing the cinnamon swirl and the cranberry celebration bread that tends to throw a wrench into your plans.

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Thankfully before old Betsy decided to die we were able to get the corn bread done and the english muffins.  Loved them both but the corn bread Judy at No Fear Entertaining hit the nail on the head when she called it corn cake.  Definitely not what I expected from cornbread and truthfully do not know if I would make it again.  The other thing we noticed about the corn cake was it was packed full of corn and we only used two cups as opposed to the suggested two and a half cups.  However, in keeping with the gardening them we did chop up and sautee some jalapenos in butter and tossed them into the batter.

Now the English muffins rocked our socks off.  We were definitely a little apprehensive with them too because the dough was very dense and we could not get it to windowpane but it registered correct temp.   However, we looked it as if it was messed up they were really simple to make so we will just try again.  To our surprise they rose perfectly and turned out amazing.

For the english muffins we created a simple wild raspberry compote.  Oh it was so good and how I love the wild raspberries………

If you are interested in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge our fearless host is Nicole at Pinch My Salt . SEE ALSO : BBA French bread recipe

BBA Cornbread
BBA Cornbread


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