Black Garlic Granola

With some fermented black garlic left over from an event a few weeks back, I’ve been playing around with it the last little while.

This latest experiment was once again inspired by the Eleven Madison Park cookbook (solid gold by the way) and their section on crumbles and granolas.


I thought the jet black garlic would look good in some sort of puffed rice, nut business.

There was some brown rice and quinoa already cooked in the fridge, so in it went to the dehydrator, and many hours later (5 or 6), once completely dry, it was flash fried in 400°F oil. The trick with puffing rice and cereals without burning them is to get them in and out of the oil as quickly as possible.

Just throw them in, watch them puff (takes about 3 seconds), strain, and blot on paper towel. These ones were seasoned with a bit of curry salt.

I had an intuition that curry and black garlic would work together – something about the smell – and it does! There was also some toasted almonds in the cupboard, so they got chopped up and mixed through as well. The black garlic was just cut into small pieces and dried out a bit as it is quite sticky and apt to stain everything around it.

A little cayenne for heat and that was that. The sky is really the limit we these mixes. I’ve seen dried fruit, fried herbs, citrus zest and many other things mixed in with the base. Try it out!

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