Burger Heaven – Johnny Rockets

Finding a juicy, succulent burger that leaves you licking your fingers for every drop of that juice and spice is no easy task. Now I can confidently say that I’ve eaten my fair share of burgers in Delhi and abroad but not everyone has been able to bring a smile to my face.

I had been hearing of Johnny Rockets coming to India but having never heard of it before or tried it anywhere I wasn’t sure of what to expect. The one thing I can tell you is I certainly didn’t expect to have to wait 30 minutes for a table on my first visit there. This place is buzzing with activity to the point that they actually had to put 5 tables outside the restaurant to accommodate the number of people trying to get a bite of JR.

After finally getting my booth, I noticed a very retro diner style decor in the place. A mini jukebox on each table, large posters on the walls, a table right at the counter and that cute little straw holder which would pop out the straws when lifted. On the menu I see a variety of malt shakes, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, wraps, sandwiches and of course, burgers. Now I believe myself to have a fairly large appetite so a starter accompanied by a shake and a burger seemed like an obvious order. Boy was I wrong!

My order for the day: onion rings, a #12 ultimate veggie burger with a side salad and a chocolate peanut butter shake.

First up, the onion rings. OH MY GOD! Everywhere I go the onion rings are so thin and oily they make me lose my appetite. These ones though, thick, non oily in a traditional sourdough batter served with a delicious dip just blew me away. Is this what REAL onion rings taste like? Right from that first bite I knew that this place was gonna become a personal favourite.


Without any further delay we were served our burgers and shakes. I was a bit surprised when after receiving my shake I was given another ginormous glass with a bit more in it. Usually when restaurants make in excess they don’t serve it to you but I soon learnt that was a usual with them not that I was complaining. My first sip of that thick velvety shake and I smiled, nay, grinned from ear to ear. I was actually excited to be having that shake! You could taste the chocolate in every sip, smell the aroma of peanut butter every time you took a sip and coupled with that sweet whipped cream on top, it couldn’t get any better.



Before I devoured that entire glass of liquid heaven I decided I should get started on my burger as well.

So you know how I was being a little creepy about licking the juices off your fingers earlier? Yea, I was literally licking the juices off my fingers after I took the first bite. The #12 ultimate veggie was a blend of veggie deliciousness served on top of a whole wheat bun with cheddar, pickled onions, iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise and their signature ‘red red sauce’ – the one I was licking off just now. Spiced just right, every bite made me happy and kept me coming back for more. As I was washing the burger down with that velvety shake I was telling you about, I suddenly heard the music get a bit louder. As I looked up to see what was going on I saw one of the servers dancing. I turned around to see all of them dancing! NO WAY! I had always heard of diners in the US doing such things but had never seen it in front of me. As I clapped along to their performance I noticed a lot of people who were outside the restaurant suddenly stop to watch as well. The kids were beaming with joy and the parents were joining in as well. Johnny Rockets had truly made the restaurant a happier place.

With a stomach more than full a smiling face I thanked the staff for a great time and promised to come back again which I did, exactly 7 days later. This time around I decided to skip the burger and go for a portion of mozzarella sticks, vanilla malt shake and an authentic baked New York cheesecake with strawberry compote.

Every bite I took of the mozzarella sticks had me literally coming back for more. I couldn’t help it, the cheese didn’t just break off while biting rather it formed this string which reminded me why I love mozzarella so much. The salsa they served it with was probably one of the best I’ve had. Fresh enough that you could taste the tomato chunks with the chillies instead of that store bought processed crap I was used to having. Sharing wasn’t the first, second of third word that came to mind when it came to these mozzarella sticks. They were just, well, I’m sure you’re drooling by now so I don’t think I need to say any more.




It had been a while since I had eaten a cheesecake so good that it actuallymade me make sex noises. Just like last time, I thanked the staff and vowed to come back again and again. I’ve been there twice since that day and every single time has been absolutely delicious and delightful for me.

You’d be a fool to not check them out at least once. They’re on the second floor of Select City Walk, Saket. Go hungry 🙂



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