Delicious Thai Restaurant : Pout

A pink themed interior, walls adorned with fashion posters and quotes, a giant hot pink piano at the entrance, a neon pink LED sign and the name chosen for this cute little restaurant/ cafe would suggest that their target segment is mainly female clientele wanting to grab a cosmopolitan with their girlfriends. Their menu however paints a very different picture.

Offering Thai, Chinese, Mediterranean and Italian dishes, it seems as though Pout is struggling to find its identity in the popular lanes of N-Block market in Greater Kailash Part 1. Whilst I loved the look of the place, their menu needs to be redone to be synonymous with the theme of the establishment.


We were started off with a complimentary bread basket (in pic below) served with a homemade tomato chutney which I must compliment as I feel they got the flavours spot on and it’s not everyday that I get served a homemade tomato chutney that I actually like.

Bread basket with homemade tomato chutney

On our plates were chickpea falafel served with warm pita bread, hummus and tahini dressing, Thai spring rolls, spaghetti in pesto, whole wheat pizza with seasonal vegetables and a chocolate mousse.

The chickpea falafel had a very Indianized peculiar taste and felt more like a ‘channe ki tikki’ rather than a falafel. The tahini dressing was basically yogurt and the hummus lacked flavour for me. It wasn’t the best of starts to our meal I’d say. The next dish was the Thai spring rolls served with sweet and sour dip. The casing for me could’ve been thinner and a bit more crisp but the filling of oriental vegetables inside was packed with flavour. The dish could’ve been better but it was better than the falafel and hummus we were served earlier.

Thai spring rolls served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce

For our mains we decided on the spaghetti with pesto and whole wheat pizza with seasonal vegetables. The thing I liked about the spaghetti was that you could taste the parmesan they had incorporated into the dish. The spaghetti was neither undercooked nor overcooked and had just the right amount of bite to it.

The basil was quite evident as well as were the pine nuts and olive oil they had used for the pesto. What bothered me that when I asked them to throw in some olives into the dish I didn’t want them to literally throw in a few chopped up olives with a single cherry tomato. The olives could’ve been incorporated in a much better way but I let it slide simply because this was by far the best dish I had had since I sat down.

Spaghetti in pesto with olives accompanied by garlic bread

The whole wheat pizza didn’t really have any seasonal vegetables as written in their menu. All I got was a few slices of zucchini, capsicum, tomatoes and onions served with blobs and cubes – yes, cubes – of cheese everywhere. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the cheese but I’ve eaten better pizzas at fast food restaurants. While the pizza didn’t lack flavour, once again they could’ve done a better job with it.

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Whole wheat pizza with seasonal vegetables

Now since the food so far hadn’t really blown me away I was quite apprehensive about ordering a dessert but decided to go ahead with a chocolate mousse. I mean, could you really go wrong with a chocolate mousse? Thankfully not. While I found the mousse to be a bit on the heavier side, it did justice to itself and satisfied my sweet tooth.

Chocolate mousse

The portions were of decent size and one dish would certainly be enough for an individual. I found the place to be a bit overpriced taking into account the quality of the food. Another thing that I found strange was the location of their DJ. It seemed as though they had literally just thrown out a table and made the DJ stand there in the middle of the restaurant with his mixer and a small table to keep his laptop on. It would’ve been simpler had they decided to just play a playlist on a surround sound music system.

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The food while average for the most of it did the job and hit the right notes. I might just come back another day when I need a change from the age old Delhi establishments.

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