Mango Cashew Pudding – Complete

“Moderation in all things” sort of got tossed by the wayside with the discovery of this recipe! We’ve eaten this pudding so many times this week, but we have the perfect excuse– honey mangoes are in season right now!

We picked up a couple of these small beauties at the produce stand out of curiosity and because many of the dessert recipes in the Fresh recipe book called for mango. Until then, I had never eaten a mango whole, as a piece of fruit. For most of my life have avoided mangoes, thinking I didn’t like them.

mango cashew pudding
As I cut into one of these “Ataulfo” mangoes, I was surprised at the buttery golden flesh. It had no messy mix of juice and fiber, and the smell was amazing. I tasted a piece and it was like eating a sweet-tart egg custard.

I was amazed that a fruit could deliver these flavors (Yes, I have much to learn about the world of fruit! Can’t wait to try our first durian!). These flavors are perfect for comfort food, so I set about to make a yummy pudding.

This pudding has such a perfect mouth-feel and combination of beautiful flavors, you’ll never miss the fact that it’s raw and has no dairy. The recipe comes from Fresh, by Sergei and Valya Boutenko.

For starters, here is a video about how to slice a mango. The recipe is a breeze, so if you have mangoes and cashews on hand, you can whip up a great snack or dessert in five minutes.

Mango Cashew Pudding:

Mango Cashew Pudding – Complete


  • 1 mango (we use two if using these small honey mangoes)
  • 1/3 cup cashews
  • 1 tsp honey (don’t get excited and add more honey — the fruit has so much sweetness and the honey is more for flavor balance than for sweetness)
  • 5 mint leaves (it’s still good without the mint, but oh how the mint adds a subtle layer of coolness against the warm sweetness — you’ll feel like you’re eating something decadent!)
  • 1/2 cup water


We also like to add a smidge of vanilla sometimes.

Put it all in the blender and blend thoroughly until smooth. Mango sizes vary, so experiment with the recipe. If you feel it’s too runny, add a few more cashews. If too thick, add some water or some additional fruit.

That’s the beauty of raw recipes– you can tinker with the mix until you get it just how you like it. We haven’t tried this recipe in a conventional blender, so can’t say whether the cashews turn smooth. If at all possible, do this in a Vitamix for perfect smoothness.

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